Marshall Burns

When my cousin David was a little boy, he used to pelt me with questions about life and the universe. One day, with a little prompting from an older family member, he asked me what I am. I thought about it for a few minutes, and then I said, “I’m a physicist, an entrepreneur, a philosopher, and an explorer.”

Quantum chaos article by Marshall Burns on cover of Computers in Physics, 1992Physicist.   Analysis is my passion — studying the details of something until the big picture comes into focus.

Marshall Burns Computer Sales ad for first PC clone, LA Times, 1982Entrepreneur.   It started with door-to-door catalog sales at ten years old. So far, it’s led to PC clones and digital fabrication, and now a radically different direction in business.
Archive of Ennex’s 3D printer business from the 1990s acquired by Penn State University:

Sunset at Eagles Nest, Santa BarbaraPhilosopher.   Thinking about the world around me — and often writing about it — has always been a hobby for me.

1991 road tripExplorer.   Four continents — and counting.

And just for fun: Why I (used to) Live in California